​Wish List


Impact  Gel Bridge Pad:  a pad to put under the saddle to make the fit better  for the horse, and comfort of the rider.  4 @ $130 each

CSI pad:  A saddle pad with a flex plate system that prevents any pressure points for the horse. 4 @ $379 each

Western  saddles:  need a variety to accommodate horses and students of all  sizes; the correct equipment makes it comfortable for both student and  horse, allowing the horses to be healthy for many years of service to  the program.  HART owns 1 large saddle and 2 small ones, the rest are  borrowed from the stable we lease.

Adult/youth synthetic light  weight saddles:  13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, and 17” are needed with different  bar sizes; prices are approximately $600 to $1000 each.

Children’s  saddles:  12” with different bar sizes, quality made smaller saddles  are only found in leather, these are needed for the smaller students to  reach the stirrups, which allows them to sit appropriately and the  ability to do the activities with ease, $1000 each.

​Horse Treats, Nicker Makers are the best, carrots or apples

Cowboy Magic, horse shampoo, conditioners

Prascend  (pergolide tablets for cushings horses, prescription  required)                                                                       

Western saddle pad (Mustang Micro-Suede Contour Saddle Pad)  --  $40

Western saddle pad (Western Neoprene Gel Wider Wither Pad)  --  $60

​Freedom  Rider (www.freedomrider.com) -- has many games and toys that can be  used during our lessons, a gift certificate would be an excellent  choice.

New or used utility vehicle -- to be used for dragging the arenas

Purina Enrich bagged feed

Purina Senior Active bagged feed

Quality grass or alfalfa hay

​Office Supplies:  printer toner/ink, paper, tag board, foam board, thank you cards

We collect Milk Moola caps and labels. 

We collect aluminum can tops.

Delicious Vande Walles candy bars are for sale year round.   $1 each