Birthdate:  May 15, 2007

Sex: Mare

Breed: Belgian/Arabian

Height: 15.1 hands

Weight: 1400 lbs

Color: Bay

Markings: Star

Disposition: Boss of the pasture, lazy, big build

Likes: Her nightly grain, to eat all day long, to be groomed, trail rides

Dislikes: Trotting with an unbalanced rider

Weight limit:  200 lbs

History:  Zsa was born at Royal T Ranch, sire was a 15.1 hand Arabian, dam was a  16 hand Belgian.  Her registered name is Thee Dia De Paz, which means  the day of peace in Spanish.  Her barn name became Zsa Zsa after Zsa Zsa  Gabor, a famous movie star.  Zsa was mainly trained by a former rider,  Mariah Kuntz. Mariah had taken Zsa to the Midwest Horse Fair for a demo  with Dan James of Double Dan.  Zsa attended many horse shows and  performed in Halter, Showmanship, English and Western riding, in fact  she was won Grand Champion in English Pleasure in 2014.  Zsa has been  ground driven and started in learning the Spanish walk.  Mariah passed  away due to a car accident when she was 17.  Mariah’s last wish was if  something were to ever happen to her, that Zsa would say goodbye to her.  That night of the car accident, as per Mariah’s wishes, Zsa was  trailered to the scene of the accident. Zsa was very antsy with all the  commotion going on. Once she stood with her head above Mariah she was  calm and still, saying her goodbye.  She was Mariah’s love and best  friend. Zsa is currently being used as a HART lesson horse and a lesson  horse for Royal T Ranch. 


Thank you to Jeff and Cari Jacobs to contributing to Zsa's expenses every month.

Zsa is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !