Vision Statement:​

HART Equine Therapy Center, Inc. has a vision to promote the benefits of equine-assisted therapy through basic horsemanship and educate the surrounding communities. 

​Anyone  with challenges/special needs has an opportunity to partner with a  horse to give him/her a sense of accomplishment and self-worth while in a safe and challenging environment.


Our Board Members

  • Kim Sievers - Executive director and Founder 
  • Jenna Pankratz -President
  • Kirsty fahey - Vice President
  • Celia Sturzl - Treasurer
  • Stephanie Westphalia - Secretary
  • Marlene Ablett - Director of Volunteers
  • Tricia Stutz  -Director of Volunteers
  • Kirsty Fahey - assistant Director of Fundraising
  • Taylor Asplin - Director of Fundraising
  • Denise Strasser -Director of Marketing
  • Virginia Thorne -Director of Grants