Birthdate:  March 13, 1997 

Sex: Mare 

Breed: Haflinger  

Height: 13.1 hands  

Weight: 1040 lbs  

Color: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail  

Markings: Blaze, flaxen mane and tail, 4 pastern socks  

Disposition:  Easy trot, confidence builder, doesn’t mind loud noises, quiet easy  gaits, green at the canter, laid back, doesn’t mind being by herself,  can be ridden anywhere inside or out, is not neck reined, flicks her  nose when the reins are tight for a long period of time  

Likes: Treats, her job, parades and trail rides  

Dislikes:  Going close to barrels, a tight rein for a long period of time, to put  her ears forward for pictures (this picture is rare)  

Weight limit:  150 lbs  

History:  Purchased as a 10 year old. Had been trained to drive in the past,  single or double.  Minnie was started under saddle after she came to  Royal T.  Minnie has been to many parades, county fairs and open horse  shows.  Currently, Minnie is being used as a “go to” HART lesson horse.  She is perfect for the job and she will tolerate any rider. 

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Birthdate:  January 1, 1998

Sex: Mare  

Breed: POA

Height: 14 hands  

Weight: 1050 lbs  

Color:  Grey now, but was a strawberry roan in her younger years (hence her name)

Markings:  Mottled

Disposition: Patient, very calm lesson horse, easy going, takes care of her riders

Likes: Coming into the barn at night and heading out to the pasture in the mornings.  Loves to be groomed and fawned over.  She enjoys playing games and teaching her riders to canter.  

Dislikes: Bella, being crowded at the pasture gate

Weight limit: 130 lbs  

History:  Joined the HART program in 2019 and has been a favorite mount of students ever since.  She's blind in her right eye. 

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Birthdate:  January 1, 2007

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Arabian

Height: 15.2 hands  

Weight: 1030 lbs  

Color: Black

Markings: Star, stripe, snip, two hind stockings

Disposition: Playful, floating canter

Likes: Having friends nearby

Dislikes: Shots

Weight limit: 175 lbs  

History:  Arrived as a 5 year old that was supposed to have been started under saddle but he needed additional training to get him ready for riding.  He was initially cold backed and needed a lot of time to warm up before a ride, but a volunteer worked with him for a few years to get him to be the pleasant riding horse he now is.  He is sensitive to gnat bites and gets very itchy in the summers, but since coming to Royal T Ranch, he improves yearly.

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Birthdate:  January 1, 2011  

Sex: Mare  

Breed: Pinto Pony  

Height: 13.1 hands  

Weight: 775 lbs  

Color:  Bay pinto  

Markings:  Tobiano  

Disposition: Quiet, gentle, willing to please, green broke, easy going, bouncy western jog  

Likes:  People, to be groomed, to poop in her water bucket, English riding  

Dislikes: Dogs and clippers  

Weight limit: 130 lbs  

History:  Purchased by Royal T in October, 2016 as a potential HART lesson horse.  One of the Royal T students is using her for a project to put more miles on her and show her locally.  Even though Raja is young, she has been used in HART lessons only a month after she arrived….that shows us what a wonderful, versatile pony she is.  We are looking forward to seeing her gain more confidence with time and be a long-lasting addition to the HART family. 

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Royal Jamaica

Birthdate: May 29, 2001

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15.2 hands

Weight: 1250 lbs 

Color: Bay

Markings: None

Disposition: Can be lazy at times but steps up and is willing to work.  Hard keeper and stays outside most nights because he's very messy in his stall.  Good attitude and pleasant personality.  Loves treats.

Likes: Be pet and chill out.

Dislikes: Doesn't have any.

Weight limit:  200 lbs

History:  He previously did some gaming, but not competitively.  Was a pasture mate of Max.

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Royal T

Birthdate: June 24, 1994  

Sex: Gelding  

Breed: Arabian  

Height: 13.3 hands  

Weight: 940 lbs  

Color: Chestnut  

Markings: Star, stripe, snip, white belly spot, 4 various stockings  

Disposition:  Sweet, dances in the cross ties, quiet under saddle, low chance of spook, doesn't canter well due to navicular  

Likes: To canter, little kids  

Dislikes: To be alone  

Weight limit: 50 lbs  

History:  CJ bought Royal T as her first horse when she was 9 years old.  He was  very green, so CJ did the finishing work on Roy.  The barn, Royal T  Ranch, was named after him.  They had an outstanding bond of a horse and  rider.  CJ showed Roy in 4H and took him to the State 4H horse show.   After Roy was done being shown, he was used as a lesson horse and  eventually a HART horse.  He is a great horse for little beginners to  start on.  Royal T was diagnosed with Cushing's disease in 2017. 

Thanks Tianna Vobora for supplying Royal T's hay for the year!

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Birthdate:  June 1, 2009

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15.1 hands

Weight: 1150 lbs 

Color: Bay

Markings: Star, blaze, three stockings and one knee spot

Disposition: Lazy, slow, relaxed

Likes: Being groomed, good friends with Royal Jamaica

Dislikes: Showing at horse shows, working with other horses near by

Weight limit: 150 lbs

History: Was born at Royal T Ranch; Doll is his mom.


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Birthdate:  May 22, 2001  

Sex: Gelding 

Breed: Arabian  

Height: 15.1 hands  

Weight: 1130 lbs  

Color: Bay  

Markings: Front right pastern stocking, star  

Disposition:  Personable and sweet, smooth gaits, easy canter, like to walk off when mounting, itchy sheath- can kick at it  

Likes: Carrying sticks in his mouth, attention, grooming, little kids, showing off at shows, work in general  

Dislikes: Trail rides, carts and buggies  

Weight limit: 175 lbs  

History:  Sparky was purchased as a weanling by Royal T Ranch. He was trained by CJ Glaza when he was 3 years old.  Excelled at showing both Western and  English pleasure.  Sparky was pulled out of the pasture to go to a fun show last summer. He did great and enjoyed it. Currently, Sparky is  being used as a HART horse and he enjoys his job. He also is used  sometimes for other lessons. 

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Sparky Blue

Birthdate:  January 1, 2006  

Sex: Gelding  

Breed: Welsh Pinto Pony  

Height: 13.2 hands  

Weight: 1070 lbs  

Color: Black and White Pinto  

Markings: Tobiano  

Disposition:  Can be jumpy, dirty, unsure on new things, easy going, sweet, in your  pocket, quiet, low man on the totem pole in his pasture.  

Likes: Rolling in the mud, very attentive and observant, love  

Dislikes: Having his hind feet trimmed by farrier, new things  

Weight limit: 150 lbs  

History:  Sparky was bought in July 2016. Kim was looking for a pony to add to the lesson program. When Kim and Kirsty went to look at him he was very quiet, calm, and easy going. Not to mention he was gorgeous with those blue eyes! He would make a perfect addition to the program with some consistent work. He was broke to ride, but not finished. Sparky was his name, however, Royal T already had a Sparky at the barn. He was given a nickname of Sparky Blue because of his blue eyes. Currently, Sparky Blue is in training, but could use the exercise and consistent work schedule. 

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Birthdate:  January 2009    

Sex: Mare  

Breed: Haflinger  

Height: 12.3 hands  

Weight: 1060 lbs  

Color: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail  

Markings: Blaze  

Disposition:  Willing wide load! Very sturdy, blind in her right eye, lazy, very  affectionate, likes people, likes any attention, in your pocket horse,  first horse to come to you in the pasture, has a problem with her  weight, not much go to her, does not know how to canter, does not neck  rein  

Likes: Food, running to her stall at night (stay out of her way), getting her grazing muzzle off, attention, being groomed.  

Dislikes: Working for long periods of time, waiting for her treats  

Weight limit: 200 lbs  

History:  Sugar was rescued in December of 2013 as a five year old. She was trained by the Amish and doesn’t typically canter under saddle, but if you jump at her and scare her she will take off like a rocket! When she arrived she sat for a year at the barn and then they started using her under saddle. She has always been easy. She joined HART in summer of 2015. Currently, she is still being used as a HART lesson horse and is great for it! She is a solid, sturdy, calm horse for any student to learn on. She also is very fun on a trail ride. 

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Birthdate:  June 26, 2004  

Sex: Mare  

Breed: Morab  

Height: 14.2 hands  

Weight: 1130 lbs  

Color: Bay  

Markings: None  

Disposition: Princess (This is Kim’s baby)  

Likes: To be groomed and pampered, enjoys trail rides, being shown in Halter, and to be the leader on trail rides.  

Dislikes:  Other horses getting attention before her, performing in western or  English riding classes, being pushed too hard to work  

Weight limit:  200 lbs  

History:  Zorra was born at Royal T Ranch and was always a people lover. On many occasions as a foal at her mother’s side, she would leave her mother to be with people. Zorra’s show career started as a yearling, earning many 1st place ribbons and some Championship ribbons at Halter. Zorra has participated at Open, Regional and National level shows, along with county fairs and Midwest Horse Fair. Currently, Zorra is hanging out on at the ranch. She sometimes is used for HART lessons or occasional trail rides. 

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Birthdate:  May 15, 2007

Sex: Mare

Breed: Belgian/Arabian

Height: 15.1 hands

Weight: 1400 lbs

Color: Bay

Markings: Star

Disposition: Boss of the pasture, lazy, big build

Likes: Her nightly grain, to eat all day long, to be groomed, trail rides

Dislikes: Trotting with an unbalanced rider

Weight limit:  200 lbs

History:  Zsa was born at Royal T Ranch, sire was a 15.1 hand Arabian, dam was a 16 hand Belgian. Her registered name is Thee Dia De Paz, which means the day of peace in Spanish. Her barn name became Zsa Zsa after Zsa Zsa Gabor, a famous movie star. Zsa was mainly trained by a former rider, Mariah Kuntz. Mariah had taken Zsa to the Midwest Horse Fair for a demo with Dan James of Double Dan. Zsa attended many horse shows and performed in Halter, Showmanship, English and Western riding, in fact she was won Grand Champion in English Pleasure in 2014. Zsa has been ground driven and started in learning the Spanish walk. Mariah passed away due to a car accident when she was 17. Mariah’s last wish was if something were to ever happen to her, that Zsa would say goodbye to her. That night of the car accident, as per Mariah’s wishes, Zsa was trailered to the scene of the accident. Zsa was very antsy with all the commotion going on. Once she stood with her head above Mariah she was calm and still, saying her goodbye. She was Mariah’s love and best friend. Zsa is currently being used as a HART lesson horse and a lesson horse for Royal T Ranch. 


Thank you to Jeff and Cari Jacobs to contributing to Zsa's expenses every month.