Our Horses


Birthdate:  January 1, 2007

Sex:  Gelding

Breed: Haflinger

Height: 14 hands

Weight:  1200 lbs

Color: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

Markings: Star, stripe, snip

Disposition:  In your pocket any time he can, willing to learn, quick under saddle,  walks nicely with you after he has been warmed up, nosey, sometimes  walks out of the shower stalls when hooking him up

Likes: The  green ball, people, attention, Sparky, being brushed behind the ears on  the neck, when people get off of him (he grunts), sometimes itchy  against you (his face is itchy)

Dislikes: Heel or tight grips with your legs, bathes, to stand in the cross ties alone

Weight limit: 200 lbs

History:  Bentley came to Royal T Ranch as a weanling. Haflingers wait until they  are four years old to be started under saddle. He was started many  times, but it finally clicked when he was about seven.  Bentley was  worked with and heavily desensitized in 2015 in order to become a  successful HART horse. Currently, he is being used as a HART horse and  does great with all riders.  ​ 

Bentley is looking for a sponsor for 2018!



 Birthdate:  June 1, 2013

Sex: Mare

Breed: Miniature Horse

Height: 8.3 hands (35 inches)

Weight: 295 lbs

Color: Bay

Markings: Star and stripe on her face

Disposition: A definite leader, will stand quietly to let kids and adults pet her

Likes:  Hart, eating grass when coming out of the pasture, walking in the  Haunted Horsey Hustle (especially saying hi to the buffalo), enjoys  meeting new people at events, being body clipped

Dislikes: Baths, being tied up

Weight limit: 40 lbs

History:  Rescued with Hart when she was 6 months old. She was unhandled and  untouched. Cocoa and Hart spent their first weeks at HART in the big  stall at the barn so they were easier to catch; they only went back and  forth from the stall to the arena several times a day for exercise until  they were able to be caught. Then they got to go out to the pasture and  became more people friendly. Now she won’t leave you alone and loves  people. Currently, Cocoa travels to HART events with Hart. 


Cocoa is looking for a sponsor for 2018!



Birthdate:  May 1, 1998

Sex: Mare

Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15.3 hands

Weight: 1340 lbs

Color: Chestnut

Markings: 3 stockings, blaze

Disposition:  Quiet, cinchy (if you go too fast/mainly western cinch), moves off leg,  rider must move their seat with her side to side motion to sit or she  will go fast, will stand without being tied, easy going, outstanding  long trot, naturally level head, all around horse, head of the mares  (without being mean), gets a sore back with a rider who doesn’t move  with her.

Likes: To be rubbed on the neck and on the chest, to  have a job, willing to work and get sweaty, trail rides, showing, the  hay field, treats

Dislikes: Being cinched too fast otherwise nothing else

Weight limit: 200 lbs

History:  Doll was bred to be a barrel horse, but she did not have the speed to  keep up with barrel horses. She was sold to CJ and she worked with Doll  to become a pleasure horse. Doll has spent many weekends taking care of  riders at horse shows or on trail rides. Recently she got pulled back  out for a show season and is used for HART lessons as well. If you get  on her and match her rhythm, you will fall in love. Doll’s registered  name is Top Notch Socks.  Doll was diagnosed with Cushing's disease in  2018. 


Doll is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !



 Birthdate:  January 1, 2000

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Quarab (Quarter Horse/Arabian)

Height: 14.3 hands

Weight: 1070 lbs

Color: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

Markings: Star, stripe, snip, 2 stockings

Disposition: Quiet, easy going, can be used for multiple riders, smooth canter

Likes: Attention and to be groomed, giving students rides

Dislikes: Loading into a trailer

Weight limit:  150 lbs

History:  Curly came to Royal T to be started under saddle at the age of 3.   Curly’s owner kept him between Royal T and Sunny Meadows until he was  bought by Royal T in 2011. Currently, Curly is ridden for both HART and  Royal T lessons.  


Curly is looking for a sponsor for 2018!



 Birthdate:  January 1, 2011

Sex: Jenny

Breed: Standard Donkey

Height: 9.2 hands (38 inches)

Weight: 330 lbs

Color: Gray

Markings: Cross on her back

Disposition: In your pocket, naughty in the morning going outside, brays for attention and when she is happy

Likes: Attention, to be noticed, playing with Hart, to bray

Dislikes: Sometimes being by herself, intrigued by dogs and cats by will go after them

Weight limit: 60 lbs

History:  Looking for a pony from the Amish, came home with a donkey. Currently,  Fiona is traveling with Hart and Cocoa to HART events.  


Thank you Patti Martin for sponsoring Fiona !



Birthdate: January 1, 2002

Sex: Mare

Breed: Welsh pony

Height: 12 hands

Weight: 670 lbs

Color: Bay

Markings: Left hind coronet stocking

Disposition: Relaxed, sweetheart, easy going

Likes: To be pampered, trail riding, Kendra, to take advantage of her rider, to go by the gate so she can be done

Dislikes: Staying on the rail in the arena

Weight limit: 60 lbs

History:  Bought in September of 2016. Used for HART and Royal T lessons.  Currently, Gem is waiting for his little rider, Kendra, to come ride  her. 


Gem is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !



 Birthdate:  July 1, 2013

Sex:  Gelding

Breed: Miniature Horse

Height: 9.1 hands (37 inches)

Weight: 300 lbs

Color: Liver Chestnut and white

Markings:  Pinto, heart on his forehead, 3 stockings, striped hooves

Disposition: First one to come when you call his name, friendly, nosey, easy going, willing, impatient sometimes

Likes: Attention, girls, playing with Fiona, eating grass when coming out the barn at night, meeting new people at events

Dislikes: When he doesn’t get grain at night, sassy mares, baths, being tied up

Weight limit: 40 lbs

History:  Rescued in November of 2013. Unhandled and untouched. He and Cocoa  spent the first weeks in the big stall at the barn, so it was easier to  catch them; only went back and forth from the stall to the arena several  times a day for exercise until they were able to be caught on a regular  basis. Then they got to go out in the pasture and became more people  friendly.  Had upper fixation of the patella. Surgery corrected the  problem in 2016. Hart is the mascot of HART Equine Therapy Center, Inc.  and can’t get enough attention from people.  


Hart is looking for a sponsor for 2018!



 Birthdate:  January 1, 2002

Sex: Gelding

Breed: POA/Morgan

Height: 14.2 hands

Weight: 1080 lbs

Color: Grey

Markings: Mottling of the eyes and nose

Disposition: Quiet, willing, bouncy trot, fast canter, confident, jokester

Likes: Mud puddles, being dirty, to play with water bottles and zippers

Dislikes: Doesn’t have any

Weight limit: 175 lbs

History:  Rescued from inexperienced horse people in October 2012.  When Joker  came to the ranch, he only stood on the 2 hind feet when being ridden.  A  former student, Jenna, started working with him on a biweekly basis.  Soon he was riding well on all 4 feet, learning the barrel pattern and  how to do a flying lead change.  He had a debut at the county fair and  at local gymkhanas.  Currently Joker is being used in lessons for both  HART and Royal T Ranch.


Joker is looking for a sponsor for 2018!



Birthdate:  July 4, 1990

Sex: Mare

Breed: Morab

Height: 14.0 hands

Weight: 960 lbs

Color: Black

Markings: None

Disposition: Quiet under saddle, dances while being in the wash rack, has speed when asked

Likes: Cantering and little kids

Dislikes: Being alone in the cross ties

Weight limit: 75 lbs

History:  Justine is the oldest horse in the barn; she has been at the ranch  since 2006. Justine has been to many trail rides, horse shows, county  fairs, Midwest Horse Fair, Breyerfest, and even had her debut at  Minnesota Horse Fair as a yearling.  Currently, Justine is being used as  a HART horse and an occasional Royal T Ranch lesson horse. 

 Thank  you to the WHO organization for sponsoring Justine for the year!   Thanks also to the WHO for sponsoring Justine's cushing's medication for  the year!​ 


Royal T

Birthdate: June 24, 1994

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Arabian

Height: 13.3 hands

Weight: 940 lbs

Color: Chestnut

Markings: Star, stripe, snip, white belly spot, 4 various stockings

Disposition:  Sweet, dances in the cross ties, quiet under saddle, low chance of spook, doesn't canter well due to navicular

Likes: To canter, little kids

Dislikes: To be alone

Weight limit: 50 lbs

History:  CJ bought Royal T as her first horse when she was 9 years old.  He was  very green, so CJ did the finishing work on Roy.  The barn, Royal T  Ranch, was named after him.  They had an outstanding bond of a horse and  rider.  CJ showed Roy in 4H and took him to the State 4H horse show.   After Roy was done being shown, he was used as a lesson horse and  eventually a HART horse.  He is a great horse for little beginners to  start on.  Royal T was diagnosed with Cushing's disease in 2017. 


Royal T is looking for a sponsor for 2018! 
Thanks Tianna Vobora for supplying Royal T's hay for the year!


Little Tuff

 Birthdate:  January 2006

Sex:  Gelding

Breed: Hackney pony

Height: 11.3 hands (47 inches)

Weight: 530 lbs

Color: Bay

Markings: Four ankle stockings, star, stripe, snip

Disposition:  He needs someone to trust and be the leader, sometimes is unsure on  things, kind eye, he is trying to work his way up the totem pole in his  pasture

Likes: Kim, follower, attention

Dislikes: Quick action (still getting used to things), standing in the cross ties by himself

Weight limit: 75 lbs

History:  Bought by Kim when he was 10 years old with the goal of him being a  perfect size for HART lessons and little kids learning to ride in Royal T  lessons. When bought his name was Tuff. Since there already was a Tuffy  in the barn, the new Tuff’s name would be Little Tuff. There isn’t much  we know about his past. He was broke out as a nine year old, which is  very late for a horse or pony. Kim, Michaela, and Kirsty went to look at  him and we decided to bring him home. It was an interesting situation.  Little Tuff was being worked by Michaela, 11 year old, in order to be  broke and desensitized for HART lessons and Royal T lessons. He is  taking longer than anticipated, but he is getting there and becoming  more comfortable with everything.  


Little Tuff is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !



 Birthdate:  March 13, 1997

Sex: Mare

Breed: Haflinger

Height: 13.1 hands

Weight: 1040 lbs

Color: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

Markings: Blaze, flaxen mane and tail, 4 pastern socks

Disposition:  Easy trot, confidence builder, doesn’t mind loud noises, quiet easy  gaits, green at the canter, laid back, doesn’t mind being by herself,  can be ridden anywhere inside or out, is not neck reined, flicks her  nose when the reins are tight for a long period of time

Likes: Treats, her job, parades and trail rides

Dislikes:  Going close to barrels, a tight rein for a long period of time, to put  her ears forward for pictures (this picture is rare)

Weight limit:  150 lbs

History:  Purchased as a 10 year old. Had been trained to drive in the past,  single or double.  Minnie was started under saddle after she came to  Royal T.  Minnie has been to many parades, county fairs and open horse  shows.  Currently, Minnie is being used as a “go to” HART lesson horse.  She is perfect for the job and she will tolerate any rider. 


Thank you Linda Melski for your sponsorship of Minnie in March of 2018!



 Birthdate:  January 1, 2011

Sex: Mare

Breed: Pinto Pony

Height: 13.1 hands

Weight: 775 lbs

Color:  Bay pinto

Markings:  Tobiano

Disposition: Quiet, gentle, willing to please, green broke, easy going, bouncy western jog

Likes:  People, to be groomed, to poop in her water bucket, English riding

Dislikes: Dogs and clippers

Weight limit: 130 lbs

History:   Purchased by Royal T in October, 2016 as a potential HART lesson  horse.  One of the Royal T students is using her for a project to put  more miles on her and show her locally.  Even though Raja is young, she  has been used in HART lessons only a month after she arrived….that shows  us what a wonderful, versatile pony she is.  We are looking forward to  see her gain more confidence with time and be a long-lasting addition to  the HART family. 


Raja is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !



 Birthdate:  May 22, 2001

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Arabian

Height: 15.1 hands

Weight: 1130 lbs

Color: Bay

Markings: Front right pastern stocking, star

Disposition:  Personable and sweet, smooth gaits, easy canter, like to walk off when mounting, itchy sheath- can kick at it

Likes: Carrying sticks in his mouth, attention, grooming, little kids, showing off at shows, work in general

Dislikes: Trail rides, carts and buggies

Weight limit: 175 lbs

History:  Sparky was purchased as a weanling by Royal T Ranch. He was trained by  CJ Glaza when he was 3 years old.  Excelled at showing both Western and  English pleasure.  Sparky was pulled out of the pasture to go to a fun  show last summer. He did great and enjoyed it. Currently, Sparky is  being used as a HART horse and he enjoys his job. He also is used  sometimes for other lessons. 


Sparky is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !


Sparky Blue

 Birthdate:  January 1, 2006

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Welsh Pinto Pony

Height: 13.2 hands

Weight: 1070 lbs

Color: Black and White Pinto

Markings: Tobiano

Disposition:  Can be jumpy, dirty, unsure on new things, easy going, sweet, in your  pocket, quiet, low man on the totem pole in his pasture.

Likes: Rolling in the mud, very attentive and observant, love

Dislikes: Having his hind feet trimmed by farrier, new things

Weight limit: 150 lbs

History:  Sparky was bought in July 2016. Kim was looking for a pony to add to  the lesson program. When Kim and Kirsty went to look at him he was very  quiet, calm, and easy going. Not to mention he was gorgeous with those  blue eyes! He would make a perfect addition to the program with some  consistent work. He was broke to ride, but not finished. Sparky was his  name, however, Royal T already had a Sparky at the barn. He was given a  nickname of Sparky Blue because of his blue eyes. Currently, Sparky Blue  is in training, but could use the exercise and consistent work  schedule. Sparky Blue has been used in HART lessons for the experienced  rider, but coming new in 2017, watch for him to shine! 


Sparky Blue is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !



 Birthdate:  June 9, 2004

Sex: Gelding

Breed: ¾ Arabian, ¼ Paint

Height: 15.2 hands

Weight: 1170 lbs

Color: Strawberry chestnut roan

Markings:  Bald face, 4 full white socks, other overo pinto markings

Disposition:  Personable, sweet, quiet, loves to smell humans with his soft nose, can  have a bouncy trot, does toss his head, can get a sore back.  Watch out  if you are riding him and his nose is sniffing the ground, he may want  to roll.

Likes: Little kids, apples and carrots, attention, grooming

Dislikes: Touching his face, doesn’t like being tied to moving things (sliding doors)

Weight limit: 150 lbs

History:  Spirit was born at Royal T Ranch in 2004. He was started under saddle  as a 3 year old by Jenna Pankratz, who was11 years old. Has been to  gymkhanas, shows and trail rides.  Currently, Spirit hasn’t been used  much. He has started to short stride in his back legs. Can’t figure out  what is going on with the guy, but he is very willing to be ridden by  the little girls! 


Spirit is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !



 Birthdate:  January 2009  

Sex: Mare

Breed: Haflinger

Height: 12.3 hands

Weight: 1060 lbs

Color: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

Markings: Blaze

Disposition:  Willing wide load! Very sturdy, blind in her right eye, lazy, very  affectionate, likes people, likes any attention, in your pocket horse,  first horse to come to you in the pasture, has a problem with her  weight, not much go to her, does not know how to canter, does not neck  rein

Likes: Food, running to her stall at night (stay out of her way), getting her grazing muzzle off, attention, being groomed.

Dislikes: Working for long periods of time, waiting for her treats

Weight limit: 200 lbs

History:  Sugar was rescued in December of 2013 as a five year old. She was  trained by the Amish and doesn’t typically canter under saddle, but if  you jump at her and scare her she will take off like a rocket! When she  arrived she sat for a year at the barn and then they started using her  under saddle.  She has always been easy. She joined HART in summer of  2015. Currently, she is still being used as a HART lesson horse and is  great for it! She is a solid, sturdy, calm horse for any student to  learn on.  She also is very fun on a trail ride. 

 Sugar is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !



 Birthdate:  June 16, 2005

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Morab

Height: 15.3 hands

Weight: 1290 lbs

Color: Bay

Markings: 4 ankle socks, minimal star

Disposition:  Easy going, mouthy, sweet, willing to work up to a point, works off of  leg pressure very well, to get to trot you have to squeeze your calves  for 5 seconds or so before he actually trots off, tests new riders by  being lazy and not wanting to work, you must be boss from the start,  boss of the boys

Likes: To chew on things, attention, loves the green ball, treats, the hay field, trail riding, showing, people

Dislikes: Crop, sheath cleaning

Weight limit: 200 lbs

History:  Tuffy has a very interesting past, definitely worth reading this one!  Tuffy was born via C-section at Royal T Ranch dead. He was revived with  CPR. His mother died giving birth, so he was what you call an orphan  baby.  He had his first trailer ride when he was 3 hours old to the vet  clinic. He was named through a contest from the Great Lakes Morab Horse  Association. Tuffy won his first blue ribbon in halter when he was two  weeks old. Most of his training was done by a youth rider. Tuffy is an  all-around horse and was shown in all events at pleasure shows. He has  many blue ribbons under his belt. Currently, he is being used as a  lesson horse and being worked as often as he can because the hay field  is getting to him. He could use the exercise with his cresty neck.    Tuffy has been to Midwest Horse Fair, Minnesota Horse Fair, Breyerfest  in Kentucky, Morab National and Regional shows, Open shows, and loves to  trail ride.

Registered name is:  Just Tuff Enuff T 

Tuffy is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !


Willie B

 Birthdate:  May 5, 2009

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Quarab (Quarter Horse/Arabian)

Height: 15.2 hands

Weight: 1190 lbs

Color: Dun

Markings: Dorsal stripe, star, one white sock

Disposition: Friendly, willing attitude, but needs a confident and patient teammate

Likes: Attention, consistent partner, trail rides, some arena work

Dislikes: New experiences are scary sometimes (be patient and slow), hands off his face when riding with a bit

Weight limit: 200 lbs

History:  Will He B Dun was born at a friend’s house. He was then purchased by  Royal T Ranch as a 2 year old.  When Willie was 3 years old he went to  Midwest Horse Fair and participated in a riding demo with Dan James of  Double Dan Horsemanship.  He was started under saddle by youth Mariah  Kuntz. Over the years he has been ridden by a different array of  students, been to county fair and open horse shows.  Currently, Willie B  is being used for Royal T Ranch lessons and HART lessons.  


Willie is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !



 Birthdate:  June 26, 2004

Sex: Mare

Breed: Morab

Height: 14.2 hands

Weight: 1130 lbs

Color: Bay

Markings: None

Disposition: Princess (This is Kim’s baby)

Likes: To be groomed and pampered, enjoys trail rides, being shown in Halter, and to be the leader on trail rides.

Dislikes:  Other horses getting attention before her, performing in western or  English riding classes, being pushed too hard to work

Weight limit:  200 lbs

History:  Zorra was born at Royal T Ranch and was always a people lover.  On many  occasions as a foal at her mother’s side, she would leave her mother to  be with people.  Zorra’s show career started as a yearling, earning  many 1st place ribbons and some Championship ribbons at Halter. Zorra  has participated at Open, Regional and National level shows, along with  county fairs and Midwest Horse Fair. Currently, Zorra is hanging out on  at the ranch. She sometimes is used for HART lessons or occasional trail  rides. 


Zorra is looking for a sponsor for 2018 !


Are you interested in 

​knowing how we care for our horses?

  • HART provides the best possible care for our four-legged team members.
  • All horses have regular vaccinations, deworming and farrier schedules.
  • HART has developed a personal relationship with Corriente Veterinary Service to assure quality medical treatment when necessary.
  • The  horses are evaluated on an individual basis for their nutritional needs  which are met daily with quality feed and supplements. 
  • Our horses have regular turnout and have “vacation days” each week. 
  • Each horse is given regular one on one grooming time with volunteers before and after lessons to help with circulation.

 We promise to care for each and every horse daily with exceptional care!