Make your HART shine, sponsor a therapy horse!

 The  horses of HART are a pivotal part of our therapeutic team.  They enrich  the lives of our students by teaching balance, strengthening muscles,  stretching the body, mimicking the movement of the human gait and  providing an unmatched spiritual connection.

In order to allow  these therapy horses to continue making a difference in the lives of  adults and children with special needs, we need to do our best to keep  them healthy, happy and well groomed.

We cannot do it alone!

Each of our horses have come from a unique background.  Some require more care and attention than others.

For  $350 a month, your donation provides a stall out of the inclement  weather, which also allows for daily handling and for the staff to  monitor for abnormal behaviors. Stalls are cleaned and restocked daily.   Your donation includes hay and grain for one of our cherished therapy  partners.  (Half-leased horses are $175 a month, along with each of the  miniature horses and donkey. 


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Cannot commit to $350 a month? There are lesser options too!


Hay:  $60/month

Grain:  $15/month for Purina Enrich


up to $90/month for Purina Senior Active

Dewormer:  $50 per year

Farrier:  $30/visit

(usually 6 times per year)

Dental Exam and Float:  $200

(usually 1 time per year)

Fly Spray:  $30/month as needed

Grooming Supplies:  $100/year

Treats for a job well done:  $20/month

Any amount designated to help with horse expenses:  $_____________

How to sponsor a horse:

  • Choose the horse you like
  • Contact the office
  • Mail a check or set up direct deposit.

All the horses used by HART are leased.


Benefits of leasing:

Use  of the facility and arenas are included in the lease agreement.  HART  does not have to have a private facility which would raise the cost of  doing business.

Horses  are either full or half-leased.  Horses that are used full time for  HART lessons are not shared for any other purpose.  Most of the horses  used are half-leased, which means HART has access to many different  horses, but they may also be used for other than HART activities.

There  are 20 horses being leased, which allows HART to pick and choose which  horses are fitting for each individual student. If a horse happens to be  sick, we have some back-up horses available; therefore the student will  still be able to take the lesson.