Student Horse Show

Saturday, August 12, 2018

Come  for a thrill of watching our students and volunteers play gymkhana  games.  We will have a festive potluck and lots of ribbons and trophies  for the students.


August 12, 2016

What  an exciting day for students to show the skills they have learned  through riding at HART. They did an awesome job competing!

We had  ten students compete the day of the show. First the assisted riders  showed, then the independent students, and finally the volunteers.

HART  riders competed in four different classes, three of those were timed  events including barrels, flag race, and plug. All consisted of a  pattern the students had been memorizing and practicing in their  lessons. The final class was a fun game of Egg and Spoon. The rider who  rode with their egg on their spoon the longest won the class. Once the  egg fell the students were out of the game.

After the students  completed their classes, the volunteers took a turn at the competition.  Five volunteers competed in the four classes the students did, along  with three additional classes. The additional classes were the LT  special and pole bending, which consisted of memorizing a pattern using  barrels and poles. Then came Ride a Buck. A dollar was placed under the  elbow of all the riders. The judge asked them to complete several  maneuvers and the last one with the dollar under their arm won the  money.

There were many smiles on student’s faces when they  received their ribbons and trophies. This proved that the show was a  huge success!

Thank you to all students for participating and the spectators who came to watch our students show off their riding skills.